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Kate Maxwell | Posted Kate Maxwell Disused mineshafts pockmark the hill overlooking Ludlow.

Titterstone Clee Hill is an iconic and much-loved feature of South Shropshire, looming above the medieval market town of Ludlow. more


Alexander Koch | Posted

I began to experiment a little. How could it be possible to give the photographs the dynamics that such a storm normally produces? How would it be possible to generate wind and rain on a dry day? more


Tim Parkin | Posted

Click here to download issue 211 (high quality, 147Mb) Click here to download issue 211 (smaller download, 93Mb) more


Nicky Goodfellow | Posted Lars van de Goor - A Seat Not Taken

The muted colour palette is sublime, the soft green tones and the delicate balance of the white foliage convey a real sense of spring more


Christoph Geiss, Mihai Fagadar Cosma, Roy Money & Steven Cutts | Posted Mihai Fagadar Cosma Radiant Ice

This issue our 4x4 landscape photography portfolio features are from subscribers: Christoph Geiss, Mihai Fagadar Cosma, Roy Money & Steven Cutts more


Christoph Geiss | Posted 现在可伍用的梯子

Living in “the Land of the Free”, we haven’t really been under a “lockdown”. Nevertheless, at some point, our governor encouraged us to stay at home, and my College has been closed since mid-March. I more


Mihai Fagadar Cosma | Posted Mihai Fagadar Cosma - Blue Diamonds

Maybe also because the famous Aurora eluded me during my stay, I have found the ice formations of the Icelandic landscape to be one of its most impressive and distinctive features. more


Roy Money | Posted Roy Money - What Remains

These photographs are from an artist residency at Weir Farm, a National Historic Site in Connecticut, USA. more


Hidden Details

Steven Cutts | Posted Steven Cutts Details-1

While I enjoy being out in inspiring landscapes I tend to photograph the patterns, textures and subtleties of a place. more

Noise Reduction

Guy Tal | Posted Guy Tal - Noise Reduction 10

As noisy as our world is today, it is likely to get noisier still in the years ahead. Merchants of noise—those who profit from noise—are no longer just minor inconveniences, they are enormously powerful media machines. more

The Landscape Photography of Edweard Muybridge

Tim Parkin | Posted

It’s hard to write a short review of Muybridge’s life without sounding like one of Tom Sawyer’s exaggerated stories more


Konstantinos Vasilakis | Posted 现在可伍用的梯子

The emotional and psychological uplifting, the mental elevation you will feel when you find that true connection with your subject is far superior to the ephemeral appraisal of a well-constructed image that will be forgotten in the oblivion most photographers live in today. more

Lockdown Podcast #8

Tim Parkin | Posted

A short podcast this time as a few of you groaned at the amount of time you had to listen to us waffle for so this issue it's a thirty-minute dip into three topics. more

Alex Nail

Alex Nail & Michéla Griffith | Posted Alex Nail - Beinn Alligin Cloud Inversion

I simply find that taking on more difficult tasks helps me to find value in what I do. Particularly in the sub-genre, I am in of ‘classic grand landscape photography’. more

Close to home

Paul Perton | Posted 现在墙内可伍用的梯子

I live in a place where the scenery makes it almost impossible to take a bad photograph and so, I finally did some stern self-admonishing and made a deliberate effort to try and see the village differently and shoot nearer home. more

Portrait of a Photographer – TJ Thorne

Matt Payne | Posted TJ Thorne - stand strong

The ones that seem as though they were photographed in cold conditions somehow make me feel calm and at peace with the world. more



  • Issue 211 PDF

    Tim Parkin

    Browse On Landscape on your Tablet, iPad or Desktop

  • End frame: ‘A seat not taken’ by Lars van de Goor

    Nicky Goodfellow chooses one of her favourite images

  • Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

    Christoph Geiss, Mihai Fagadar Cosma, Roy Money & Steven Cutts

  • Noise Reduction

    Guy Tal

    战地,4里第2关掉下梯子出bug怎么办-:2 天前 · 就是这样 要是在那个梯子上掉下去摔了 复活后就直接在大厦里面了 如果你想正常玩只能重玩本关卡 战地4的剧情很多BUG,建议从保存点重新开始 活该你用作弊器,出BUG了吧?

  • The Landscape Photography of Edweard Muybridge

    Tim Parkin

    A Larger than Life Figure of 19C Western American Photography

  • Escaping Oblivion

    Konstantinos Vasilakis

    Personal style comes from within

  • Lockdown Podcast #8

    with Tim Parkin, David Ward and Joe Cornish

  • Alex Nail

    Featured Photographer Revisited

  • Close to home

    Paul Perton

    My photographic blind spot

  • Portrait of a Photographer – TJ Thorne

    Matt Payne

    请问如何找到梯子 - 穷游问答:2021-4-30 · 现在ssr节点的梯子太容易封了,体验很差,推荐个自用的Trojan协议梯子,不容易封 https://xbsj3462.fun/i/ask006 大家可伍试试

  • One day ~ Time in landscape photography

    Jean Discours

    A series of pictures made in the Massif Central, on the Cézallier plateau

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    on Portrait of a Photographer – TJ Thorne

    Sure thing, glad you like it! =)

    - 大家都用什么梯子, 08:30 28th Jul

    on Portrait of a Photographer – TJ Thorne

    Thanks for introduncing TJ Thorpe; I went off to visit his website and stayed for a long time!

    - Adam Pierzchala, 08:30 28th Jul

    on The West Coast

    I absolutely love the Scottish North West too! My dream is to sometime (when retired) live there. Not only because of the landscapes (and certainly not because of the midges ;-) ), but also for the people. Beautiful images (I know most of those places).

    - Carlo Didier, 09:21 8th Jul
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